Thursday, May 5, 2011

Camp Mom

Hiking at Prairie Oaks

Sleepover at Omas

Swim time

Watching a program at the zoo

Crayola provides endless fun

Petting at the Activity Village at the zoo

Climbing out of the submarine at COSI

The Turtle Lady came to the library

Backyard splashing

Crafting necklaces

The best part about summer.

This year we have decided as a family that the children will not be carted around to a series of camps. The only activities they will continue is soccer for Nathan and drum lessons for Zack, because they like those things, plus mid-summer vacation Bible school. We all understand that this year we can't really afford the day programs, plus the fuel needed to cart them around. The tone from the boys was one of relief.

However, as the person who will be home with them all summer, I immediately felt a teensy bit panicked. How will I enrich these boys over the summer? Added to that, our recent school levy failed, so field trips, gifted services and though it doesn't yet apply to us, middle school sports are all on the chopping block. Just another reminder that we, the parents, are the primary educators of our kids, even if they are part of the public school system.

So I started to realize the things we've been doing the past few summers that have been the most fun have been the things we do together. And, more often than not, the things we like best are free or inexpensive. Creating art at home, visiting story time at the library, reading, watching movies on a rainy day, having friends over to play, hanging out in the backyard pool or slippy slide, hiking the local state parks are all free things, and we are lucky enough to have memberships to the zoo, the local science museum and the YMCA which has a nice outdoor pool. We have plenty to do.

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  1. Shannon, it looks like you and your boys know how to have a heck of a good summer!!!! Love this post.