Monday, May 9, 2011

Home Transformation

The contractor has finally finished and it's time for the big reveal!

Kitchen Before

Kitchen After

We haven't done much in the way of decor yet, basically because we are loving the scaled down look of everything at the moment.

Plus our kitchen gets so clutted that having all the pictures and memorabilia on the walls just made things a bit too chaotic at times


AFTER. We decluttered quite a bit, plus in this photo you can see how sweet the new baseboards look next to the floors.

Dining Room BEFORE

AFTER. A crowded dining room we seldom used becomes a functional office computer, the boys' easel and drums, plus the old kitchen table, swapped with the dining table, for a cool craft, game or homework space.

Family Room BEFORE

Family Room AFTER. A lot less cluttered, baskets for toys, cds, blankets, whatever we want.

Before I had no room for books, so I literally moved from room to room with bags and stacks. To some degree I don't think that will stop, but at least now I have options.

Now we have the thing we needed most: SPACE. The boys are happy to sprawl out on the floor with their Legos and toys. They are excited to have space for their toys, artwork and library books.

For now we wait until the paint cures to start loading these shelves, but the funny thing is having had so much of our stuff stored in the basement tells me how much I can live without.

This project was so fun to do, and for us a once in a lifetime sort of thing. I joked that I felt like Candace Olson, designing the bookshelf and having a very capable finishing carpenter, Brian Ganyard, doing all this work. If you're in the Columbus area and need a good carpenter, check him at on Angies List.

We still have a lot to do ourselves...the painting of the remaining light wood trim and doors, plus we would also like to make the kitchen cabinetry white, either by painting, replacing (not a big fan of this option) or refacing. But this has been a very good start indeed and I can't believe I live here!


  1. Beautiful! I love your wood floors and the bookshelves!

    I'm now a huge fan of refacing cabinets. We did ours about 4 years ago. Before we had those ugly pickled oak cabinets (is that what it's called?) and now they're all white. I love them. Plus, we were also able to take out one cabinet and install large drawers for pots and pans instead.

    You must be so happy. It looks beautiful!

  2. Shannon it looks amazing! I love it, and It sounds like you do too! I also love the wood floors and the built in book shelf in the family room. Very exciting...great job!

  3. holy cow, what a transformation!! you must be enjoying every minute!! the shelves are great.