Saturday, May 14, 2011

Why I love my son's teacher...

She has things like a surprise science exhibit. The parents were told six weeks ago that the kids would be studying an animal, so that we could help them find research materials. Then we heard basically nothing about it until a few days ago when we were invited to come to school early for a "surprise." The surprise was that the kids had created all these really great science projects! And what I love about Zack's teacher is that these projects are 100% done by the kids...not the parents. Additionally, she and her student teacher set up a little breakfast snack buffet, and then encouraged the children to be good hosts. I heard her murmuring to Zack "be sure to thank your parents for coming, and guide them through the room." I am utterly thankful that this woman will be his teacher next year too, as our school does two-year looping. The project was also incorporated into the chidrens' art class, where they did sculptures of the animals. As always I couldn't have been prouder. I love these peeks into the cheerful classroom.

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