Saturday, June 25, 2011

Australia week...malaise sets in

We are getting weary. We learned a few things about Australia: where it is located, a bit about the Aboriginal people, the animals, and that Christmas happens while it is summer there. Perhaps I am trying too hard. Interest level was somewhat low. By week's end I sort of gave up and decided to regroup. We took lots of bike rides and I caught up on the laundry. I have a new found respect for homeschool mamas because I don't know how you make it work every day! I'm sure I wouldn't have the discipline.

That said, there were a few things we did that they liked:
-Made a flag for Australia, the Aboriginal flag, and one for the islands.
-Read a few good stories from a book called Stories from the Billabong by by James Vance Marshall and Francis Firebrace. Good book, and lots of animal stories.
-Watched a National Geographic video for kids about Australian animals.
-Listened to a sort of cheesy Aboriginal-inspired new age CD (best I could find at the library)
-Made cardboard boomerangs based on Aboriginal art from several books.
-Drew animal pictures in our notebooks.

I guess when I look back that is a lot of stuff! The flow just wasn't there though. I think going forward I will reduce the amount of materials I bring home, and try to pick a narrower way to approach things. Like maybe just talk about the music and art, which is the stuff they like best anyway. Mostly, I think we just need this weather to give us a couple of good swimming days so we can burn off some of this energy!

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