Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dining Outdoors

I just love when the weather decides to be perfect. Doesn't happen often, so when it does I take full advantage. I serve three meals on the deck, plus have morning coffee on the front porch. I get the garden chores caught up without getting sweaty-filthy. The house stays clean because we are outside. And I often get inspired to serve really lovely things. On this particular evening it was four-cheese grilled cheeses with bacon and tomato on sourdough, served with lemonade and slabs of watermelon. Raspberry-peach pie for dessert (not mine, but still yummy!)

What I love best is no one's in a big hurry to get back indoors. We sit. We digest. We let the night fall. Something to savor.

Next week the temps will shoot back into the 90's, so I'm real glad we took advantage.


  1. Love it Shannon! We love to dine outdoors as well. Thanks for inspiring me to get our porch ready so we can enjoy the outdoors while we eat.

  2. Yum - your dinner sounds awesome! I love eating outdoors as well but I don't think we'll be able to again until the fall. Temps here have been over 100 with heat indexes hovering around 105-110!

    Enjoy your lovely weather!

  3. Delicious colors with that watermellon red and those blue dishes.