Wednesday, June 22, 2011



Barrel of herbs (and a bunch of weeds, ha ha)

The boys' sunflower house is beginning to grow

3 sisters

So different from this time six months ago

Paused for a moment yesterday to consider the ancestors, as I always do on the solstices. How different the midsummer is from the cold, barren winter. As a gardener I know that at this point in the growing season, there isn't a terrible lot to do. The planting is done. Some weeding,maybe. Thanks to the heavy rain lately I haven't even had to water. When it's not raining, it's far too hot to work for very long. It is no wonder the midsummer was a time of feasting and revelry, when you consider what life was like just six months ago, and what life will be like in six months.

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  1. So beautiful, and so different from summer here in Florida! Your photos look so cool and inviting. I love hollyhocks!