Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Pool season has begun

We return again to the days when we voraciously eat all manner of snacks packed into our small cooler for fifteen minutes of every hour.

We invent games for our kickboards, water torpedos and dive sticks.

We adhere to the whistle and the stern admonition from the lifeguard to "Walk, please!"

We delight in seeing our school friends at the pool, and behave as though we haven't seen them for years, even though we just got out of school last week.

We crash on the couch, happy, content in the clean, air conditioned house that sat empty all day.

Welcome, pool season!


  1. Tomorrow is the last day of school for us...I am SO ready to sleep late and hang by the pool! Yay summer!

  2. Sounds perfect Shannon! We are thinking about getting a summer membership to the Y. One more week of school here.

  3. Wow, you really captured the spirit of the season. Wish I was there with you!