Friday, July 29, 2011

Five for Friday

I lacked a decent photo for "this moment" this week, so I decided to share five random things from the week!

1. Nathan has been learning in his music class about the sounds various woodland creatures make, including the katydids. Guess what we discovered living in a flower on our front porch?

2. We achieved the impossible this week...we successfully created and stuck to a meal plan! No takeout, no wasted food. What's more, the boys ate, or at least tried, everything we gave them, including steak fajitas and fish tacos. I'm so proud of them.

3. I managed to get all the boys' school supplies for about $26 total...would have cost me $56 to buy the kit from the PTO. So I used the excess $30 to buy school supplies for the boys' VBS project. They are collecting school supplies for needy area schoolkids. Hurray! (And you know I racked up as many deals as I could for my $30, ha ha.)

4. I rescued a downed sunflower from the sunflower house and now I have the most cheerful sink in the world.

5. First big tomato harvest. Tonight the husband and I are having an "at home date" and the menu is capresi salad, good grainy bread, and a bottle of pinot noir.

Happy Friday!

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