Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Our trip to the Mohican State Park

A trusting dad, allowing Nate to help with the campfire wood.

Going on a long, rustic hike.

Man, cooking food with fire.

Me and Zack, after a dip in the camp pool.

Happy Boys in a canoe.

The snake that both of my children and husband stepped over. I spotted it, and after shoving my older son into my husband when screaming in the other direction: "Snake! Snake! Snake!" Nature made me do that :-) Incidentally, if anyone knows what kind of snake this is let me know. We've heard there is a burgeoning timber rattler population in that park.

More hiking.

Wildlife: a family of loons! I'd never seen (or heard) any in person before!


More feasting, because you get a treat after you walk six miles and tangle with a scared, scary looking snake!

The Mohican River


  1. Aweosme! And I totally would have screamed too! Long, rustic hikes are my favorite. Looking forward to the girls actually being able to hike them instead of riding my hip on them! Camping is where we have built our best family memories!

  2. Thanks for sharing your hike with us Shannon! I would be scared out of my mind if I saw a snake that big! You deserved a treat.