Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thrifted Thursday: Making Up for Lost Time Edition

The children are attending VBS this week, so I am loving a few free mornings! I made it out to my three favorite thrifts, which are all within about a half mile from each other. It was my first trip all summer owing to the fact that the thrifts are nearly the most boring places on planet Earth to my boys, making it no fun at all. Hence I've saved my pennies for my chance to be on my own, and it was worth it.

I scored big with this chip and dip set. I think I squealed out loud when I found it. The price, at $6.99, was a bit rich for my taste, but I still had to have it!

A pair of Columbus Clippers cowbells; they give them free sometimes, but just in case, we are now prepared to sing along with a cowbell at our next Clippers game.

Doilies. I can never have enough. Esp at 59 cents each.

Set of four champagne glasses. I love the old school ones more than the flutes. The good thing about me is that I will make room by getting rid of a few of our glasses that we never use, and donate them back to the store. A dollar each.

Almost forgot to add these...a couple of jars for cheap, just 59 cents.

Finally, a decent solution for my paints and small art supplies. 99 cents plus a coat of paint.

Good, cheap fun on a Thursday.


  1. I love the chip and dip set, good score. What do you do with your doilies? Anything special?

  2. Hey Vicki!
    I have made several pillows and aprons and things with doilies. Sometimes I use them to wrap little gifts in too.
    I keep meaning to tell your husband we will be up in the Port Clinton area real soon...I don't know how close that is to you guys.
    Thanks for stopping by!