Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I'm just tired

It took two free mornings---well, not "free" if you count the running of errands and folding of clothes and making the breakfast and the washing the dishes. Let's's taken a couple of free hours over the past few days to recognized that I'm feeling quite burned out. And further, I'm understanding that it is quite self-inflicted. I'm filling my days with impossible task lists, I'm filling my calendar with too many obligations, and I'm filling my body with all the wrong things. And yet I'm so unfulfilled. The weight of sending my baby to kindergarten, combined with having my husband busy at work and sometimes out of the country, and my own crazed standards of homecaring perfection have left me drained. On top of that I'm dealing with a nagging health issue, the kind that won't kill me, but none of the options for fixing it are good (I fear going into the hospital healthy and coming out with even more problems.) At the moment I find myself grinding to a halt. And the saddest thing is that because I stay at home, I sort of feel guilty for taking a day or two "off." For today, I'm going to just give up the guilt complex and relax.


  1. YES!! Time off for a mom is essential. No one but you will give it to you. Enjoy!!

  2. Sending Samy to school last year sent me into a mini depression. I think you should free your schedule for a couple of days. Just allow yourself to be and then make a list of what is really really important for you to achieve and let go of the rest.
    If you can read this It really helped me.
    I hope you feel better soon and don't be so hard on yourself