Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Simple Cakes

Inspired by this post from Jolly Good Gal I thought I'd share some of my less than perfect, delicious homemade birthday cakes.

I typically try to keep the basic cake pretty simple.

I will usually try to use a candle or ornament to be the decoration.

Cupcakes are still all the rage. I did these with white icing and red sprinkles, to look shiny like McQueen, with a yellow thunderbolt of icing.

Here is my patented technique of making a cheap theme cake---Thomas was actually cut out from an extra invitation. I just taped some toothpicks on and stuck him on the rails.

Sometimes we don't need a theme at all.

Or even a decoration. Or even a correct number of candles.

I have to mention my sweet Aunt Louise who believes everyone should have a cake on her birthday, and that it should be home made if at all possible. This one was for my sister and my shared birthday party. (My aunt once made an upright panda cake for my brother's first birthday!)

Cake baking can inspire creativity, especially if you have a Halloween baby, like mine.

It is just too tempting to make them all spooky-themed.

There is an endless assortment of ideas in the magazines.

He said he didn't want anymore spooky birthdays, but he loved these best of all.

Sometimes one is watching one's weight, and we portion control.

And sometimes the kids help with the baking and make all the decisions.

Sometimes the cakes look just splendid.

Sometimes the cakes are a funny joke, like me telling Zack sorry, a new bike isn't in the budget this year, but then putting a bike on his cake. (Yes he got the bike, lol.)

Sometimes cake isn't even your favorite, and you get pie.

Or cobbler.

And sometimes things get, well, misjudged. You tell everyone they are having a new creation: "Avalanche Cake." Having eaten each and every one of the desserts pictured, I can tell you that marble cake with white icing and strawberries was the best one of all!

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