Monday, August 8, 2011

Things I love about camping and Kelleys Island

First and most obvious, Lake Erie.

Getting that first stubborn punky fire going.

Ancient glacial grooves.

Enjoying the outdoors in our own way.

Seeing stuff like this quarry lake.

Cracking up by the campfire

The sound of the thunderstorm, and rain pelting the tent at night, and waking up to sunshine in the morning.

Swimming at the beach.

Discovering fossils in the rock (the first fossils I've ever seen outside a museum!)

More fossils, everywhere! (this was from Marblehead by the lighthouse.)

Having a bit of alone time while Ken took the boys up to the pier.

Climbing rocks at the old quarry.
Wandering way far off the hiking trail on an old railway bed into the empty quarry and having to scrabble 20 feet up a muddy embankment because we heard traffic, lol.

This moment.

Bicycling everywhere on the island, including to the little village to go to a restaurant called The Village Pump on the last day, where we ate fried perch to die for as a reward for finding our way back to civilization after our 3 hour hike.

The ferry crossings.

Meeting an artist from Findley painting the Marblehead Lighthouse. He let us know this was his first time picking up a brush in 25 years, a reminder that it is never too late to find your way back to creativity!

Knowing that we had such a good time it was hard to say goodbye.


  1. All caught up!!
    Your trip looks like it was SUCH a great family time. What a great photo of your boys with the flashlights in the tent!
    I like your post with you and your boys at odds. Who has the perfect life?????
    I noticed over at Mabel's house it didn't seem like she was feeling well. I'll say a prayer!

  2. Looks like so much fun! The restaurant looks good too.