Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Use it up Wednesday and Thanksgiving Prep

Today's use-it-up energy was directed toward the annual eating of the random foods in the fridge to make room for the Thanksgiving food tomorrow. We all had something a little different for lunch---a pb&j wrap, an onion bagel and cream cheese, a couple of hot ham-and-cheese sandwiches, assorted fruit, and a big side of spinach for everyone.

My use it up theme extended into the decor. I scavenged every little pumpkin I've picked up from the thriftstores over the past two years to make my "pumpkinscape." I also found a way to incorporate my favorite vintage tablecloths which are too small for our tables, colorful candlesticks my sister-in-law made, and our everyday Fiestaware and cloth napkins, because we don't have the cash or the storage for fancy holidays-only plates. We had to bring out a card table and every available chair in the house, which really makes it feel like Thanksgiving!

Tonight we honor a nuclear family tradion: the eating out at our favorite Mexican joint, so as not to mess up the kitchen. Whatever your traditions, I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. That's a great idea- eating out Thanksgiving Eve. I always have to wait until dinner (and church) is over to set my table- I probably won't get done tonight until it is actually Thanksgiving!