Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Use it up Wednesday

This week's use-it-up energy is being applied to gift wrap and decor. I have made two solemn vows this year, one, no new gift wrap purchases, and two, no new decor purchase. I've only broken each one once, lol. :-)

I bought a single roll of "Santa" giftwrap which is different from the rest of the wraps and bags, for the sole remaining believer in the house. *sigh*

New candles for the Advent wreath. And yes, one broke on the way home. Oh well. Advent has quickly become a special family tradition.

I'm digging to the depths of the big container of wraps and ribbons, most saved from previous years, some scrounged from yard sales and thrift stores.

I may use some of the boys' large easel paper drawings and dress them up with ribbons.

We always have a supply of gift bags. It's become a family tradition to carefully fold up the gift bags for the next year. My MIL calls them "heirloom bags." We've also received several reusable gift bags made of felt, which are fantastic.

For decor I decided to only get out things I love...things I made or things my mother gave me or things like my vintage Shiny Brites.

I wanted everything to feel simple and clean this year.

Our door wreath; a first year of marriage purchase from Target. I drool over all the magazine ideas for new wreaths, and I even made one of those fancy ornament wreaths one year (which fell apart miserably despite gobs of hot glue.) But for things we use once a year, I'm just sticking with what we've got.

Our stockings. I remember doing the names on the first two, the "Mommy and Daddy" ones the year we found out we were having Zack. And when babies were coming I bought a new stocking to add as we went. I also remember my mom getting rid our our worn out stockings when I was a kid and replacing them with these knitted character things she got in a store. It was never the same! I've vowed not to ever EVER change out these stockings.

Soon we will put our tree up---fake tree due to my allergies---with all the home made and saved ornaments from over the years. I love that it is all coming together quickly and simply. If time permits, and if we have a few strands that still work, we'll put up a few lights outside. If not, we have the wreath and some greenery. I might make a Christmas bunting from fabric scraps, and I might not. I'm doing a cookie swap with my book club next week, so I should be set for holiday sweets. With the kids, we'll probably think of some little craft to make or draw something. I am just all around loving this vibe of not beating myself up if things aren't perfect, AND not spending needless money in the process.

Anyone using anything up this week? I'd love to hear about it!


  1. Love this post. What a great reminder...I'm heading in that direction as well.

  2. Believe it or not, a couple years ago I actually used up all my wrapping paper and NEEDED to buy more! That was very satisfying. Now I have a modest supply but not a crazy amount.

    Like you, I pretty much only put out the decorations I love. After 24 years of marriage, 26 years as a couple, we have accumulated a lot. But most of them we put out either clearly state where they came from or if not, I can tell you the story of who gave them to us or who made them or where we were when we picked them up.

  3. I am not buying any wrapping paper this year and I am trying not to buy decorations! But EVERY time I go to Target, I find something else I just HAVE to have! Oh well.... I did go to my mom's house and borrow some of her old decorations. She thinks they're old...I think they're cool and vintage. :)

  4. I totally wish I'd hung on to more of my mom's old Christmas stuff, esp. the velvet santas and Mrs. Clauses.