Friday, December 16, 2011

Fabulous Frugal Fridays

My fabulous frugal find this week was getting a gently-owned Kindle for $50!  This was a great example of what many authors, including my hero Amy Daczyzyn calls "putting out the word."  I had mentioned to several people that my son had been asking for one, and voila, one appeared.  Another little victory was that we talked ourselves out of going out to a potentially expensive dinner last night and cooked a really good meal at home.  Instead of spending $50 for the four of us to go out, I made barbecue salmon (that I had purchased on sale at Meijer) couscous and peas.  We estimate that the meal cost no more than $8 for all of us, and was much much better than anything we would have ordered in a restaurant, plus we got to be home together instead of fighting the traffic.  I have to remind us that every time we say no to a dinner out we are saving at least $30, depending on where we go.

My fabulous frugal failure for the week can just go under the umbrella of forgetfulness.  I have had to go out to the stores four times to pick up this, that, the other, and the other again for the boys' holiday parties and other such things.  Each time I'm doing this, I am remembering two or three things besides that I "need" and picking them up without research.  I really had higher hopes for December, especially considering all the shopping was done beforehand.  I feel like I'm doing the planning, but still losing ground.  Perhaps next December we need to just add a budget line item called "forgetfulness."

Last but not least, the above photo was from a surge of inspiration on the part of my friend Erin.  While we were sitting in her kitchen, talking about different cookies and treats, she got this brainstorm: Hershey white chocolate peppermint kisses on pretzels.  And she made them.  Just like that.  You basically put the kiss of your choice on a pretzel, bake for just a few minutes on a 300 degree oven until they are soft, and you're done.  It is probably safest to wait for them to cook, but they are delicious when they are still a bit warm.
Any tips for saving in the midst of the crunch of the holidays?  Easy treat ideas?  Do share!

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  1. I've seen the pretzels with Rolos on top. Chocolate, caramel and pretzels! Yum! I also did a mini marshmallow, then dipped them in chocolate. They were messy (I didn't prepare my chocolate right, so it never completely set) but so good!

    We were also going to go out the other night, but decided to stay in. I ended up so happy that we just stayed put and saved the money!