Saturday, December 17, 2011

Family Baking Day

Once a year we dive in and bake our hearts out.  Today was the day.  Unplanned.  In fact, most years it just sort of happens.  I was ready with the needed ingredients, and what we didn't have we improvised.  My Nathan was really into it, as his kindergarten teacher had just done a unit on The Gingerbread Man. Zack, at the tender and complicated age of 8, was not so into it.  I noticed that neither kid was all that interested in he mixing and rolling of the cookies this year either.  My husband got into decorating with us, and we four made a gingerbread family.  The eating was fun.

I held onto the moment today.  My boys are growing, and a lot of these simple childhood delights are losing their appeal to them.  Even their gift wishes have evolved: Zack wants a toolkit and skateboard and Nathan wants battleships he can build himself.  Zack is asking to help wash dishes and make dinner and fix things around the house,  and Nathan loves pushing the lawnmower with his dad and sweeping up the clippings.  It is good and right, but still I'm glad when anyone wants to curl up and read a book together.  Now that I have one reader and one almost-reader that is becoming rarer too.
I just hope they don't outgrow everything.

What about you?  How have your family traditions grown and evolved with your family?

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  1. I am pleased to tell you that my son still curled up and shared a book with me well past the age of your boys. Long after he was perfectly competent to read for himself. And even after he got too old to enjoy the cuddling part, we still often read aloud to each other at bedtime just for the joy of the shared experience.

    What was new for me this year was that at age 18, this is the first year when most of Sam's presents are not surprises. At this age, he really needs to participate in the selection of the gifts, if they are to work. He's fine with it, but I miss the anticipation of the big surprise on Christmas morning.

    Enjoy every moment!