Friday, December 9, 2011

Fantastic Frugal Fridays

A new idea I'm trying: "Frugal Fridays" where I let you know how my quest for a leaner, more frugal household goes.

This week's Fantastic Frugal Find was at Aldi.  I was able to find Marzipan logs, a staple in our Austrian-American family each Christmas, for 89 cents a piece!  They usually go for nearly $5 a bar at the specialty import stores.  So I bought ten.  :-)  Also the bags of pistachios, another beloved family holiday treat, were under two bucks.  Big score!  Aldi always has everything I need, it is easy to get through their stores because they mainly only sell their own brands of things, they are comparatively small and I usually finish my shopping in about fifteen minutes, they always have great deals on seasonal items, and I am seldom tempted to buy things that were not on my list.  I would add that I've been happy with their wines and beers, which are all reasonably priced. This is needed during the holiday entertaining season. All that, and they are a German company, so they always carry the German/Austrian goodies we like in our family.  If you have an Aldi near you, check it out!  Be sure to take your own bags because they charge, cash or a debit card (no credit cards,) and a quarter for the cart (you get it back at the end.)  ***Not a paid or compensated endorsement, just showing my love for one of my favorite stores.***

This weeks Fantastic Frugal Failure involves my outdoor Christmas lights.  I did succeed in using only what we had and making a nice little light display.  Where I went wrong was in using the wrong kind of extension cord/power strip.  Apparently it was indoor only. (Husband says "just because it's green doesn't make it outdoor safe!) I learned all this Monday when the alarm system battery failed.  We realized that the outdoor lights, the alarm and the deep freeze were all on the same plug in the basement.  The pouring rain shorted out the lights, which knocked everything out.  The good news was the meat in the deep freeze was still solid, as was most of the food.  Additionally we learned of an obvious flaw in our electrical system, which may have created bigger problems down the road.  The bad news---had to pay out $35 to replace the alarm system battery.  Moral: use the right stuff the first time.

Any Frugal Finds or Failures????  Share!!!

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  1. Thanks for the Aldi recommendation. I have been meaning to check it out, but wondered if I could get everything I needed in one trip. I will try it!

    My Christmas lights are a frugal indulgence (yes an oxymoron) because they are vintage colored C9 strings. I just like the warm glow they put out, and I can justify the power expense because I got them by the box full for pennies at yard sales.