Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Same Blog. New Look.

I decided to make a few changes around here, and in the process it's sort of re-igniting my desire to continue blogging!  I've also been inspired  by several fantastic bloggers to just change things up.  First I did change the blog title.  Frankly I always meant "SupermergentroidGal" in a tongue-in-cheek way, a reference to a favorite movie of mine called "Swingkids," but nobody got it.  And "LifeArts" just sounded good at the time, but in retrospect it comes off as a little pretentious.  When I thought about how I could change the tone of this space, I kept coming back again and again to something a dear friend said once about her social networking sites: she said for a stay at home mom, the internet is like the back fence.  A place to yak about what's for dinner and what the kids are doing and what's on your mind.  I feel the new banner gives you a better idea of what you can expect.

The content will run the gamut of things I like: frugal living, simple living, crafty things, decorating, cool thrift store finds, gardening, food, and the odd pretty picture.  Some things I want to do more of are sharing links with you that I love, waxing philosophical and actually posting recipes rather than just describing some odd concoction that I threw together.  I'm loving Use it Up Wednesdays and Fabulous Frugal Fridays, so I will keep up with those. Things I won't be doing include starting up a bunch of features I can't keep up with or posting things that aren't so great just to have something to post. 

Also, you'll probably see a bit less of my kids.  Yes, they will still be around, and will show up from time to time.  But they are getting older and really need a little more privacy than they used to.  Another issue, and I'll probably do a blog on this, is that I was starting to feel a bit disingenuous setting up situations to make a pretty picture of domestic bliss.  And I was feeling I had to have the camera with me always to capture every moment for the blog, which was starting to just feel weird, and anything but authentic.  Authenticity does not require photography 24/7!

Mostly I think I want to share more about myself.  And I want to learn more about you 23 lovely followers!  (And maybe draw a few lurkers out of the woodwork.)  I'm sort of embarking on the next phase of life---next year my younger son will be in school full time which will leave a big chunk of the day to fill.  I have already been struggling to imagine the next steps.  Do I stay home?  Do I go back to my old profession?  Do I try something new?  I'm hoping to share some of that journey with you here at the back fence.

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  1. I love it. Because of a few kind of cool things coming up (which are still under wraps), I've had to really re-examine what my blog is. My name has been It's Time for More Coffee since I started, but really. . .it is not where my blog is now. I'm really more just Dakotapam. I keep meaning to phase out the blog name, but eh, it has been around so long and it seems pretentious to list Dakotapam.com as a blog name on directories and the like. However, I have had to think about what I am writing about and for. You know this, because we had this conversation at my place. I look forward to reading more, and getting to know you while chatting over the Back Fence!