Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Use it up Wednesday, a 5k and bloggy life stuff

First order of business is I have to brag on us a bit.  My elder son, who is part of his school's "walking and running club" begged to sign up for our Jingle Bell Run/Walk in downtown last weekend.  A 5k is the LAST thing on earth I ever thought I would do, but I went ahead and plunged in and signed the whole family up.  The bummer of the day was the husband got called to France for a week and had to miss it, but the rest of us went forward, and finished the race in just over an hour!  Not too shabby, especially for the saggy housewife (myself) and a kindergartner, who told me at the 2nd mile that he had "no more stamina, Mommy, all I can do is keep walking!"  

Secondly, it's time for USE IT UP WEDNESDAY!  Basically my mojo is all off this week, due to the husband's having come home from France with the flu on Sunday, then a late start to the school day today.  But I perservere---dinner is a beef steak from our freezer stash, and I'm mashing up the rest of the Thanksgiving potatoes, and cooking up some limp but green broccoli.  Owing to the shortened days as solstice approaches, it's not even worth it to photograph.

Lastly, I'm feeling a bit discombobulated with regard to the blog.  A blogger I have loved, and who really inspired me to step up my game on my own little space here in cyberland, suddenly announced  today that she's through with the blog.  I can totally relate to some of her feelings, as I've had them myself.  She has her own issues; like me her kids are growing up and she's ready to figure out the next step.  For me, I'm realizing my kids are getting older and really need more privacy.  I also feel that I crave "authentic" experiences, and how hard it can be to really live those experiences when you are basically setting up a pretty picture or creating a story to tell on your blog.  It is too easy to post up pretty pictures and make you all think my life is just amazing.  Even my blog title, "supermergentroidgal" was really meant to be tongue-in-cheek, but might come off as being a bit over the top.
  It all hit home because I've been thinking about making some changes here, cleaning up the place a bit, and maybe shifting the focus of my blog.  Well, as I've not had much focus, maybe creating a focus: I like gardening, I like kids' crafts, I like art, I like cooking, I like decorating, I like writing, I like photography, I like thrift, I like vintage stuff, and most of all I like just sharing cool things.  However, again and again I'm wondering what the point is, and is it worth the time I give it.

So, hang with me if you will, while over the next few weeks I experiment with a few things, and generally rethink the focus of my blog.  I've never considered myself a "blogger" in the strictest sense of the word.  To borrow a phrase from a friend: this space is my back fence, and you're all invited to stop over and yak with me.  :-)


  1. A lot of my favorite bloggers have given up the ghost in the past year too. Makes you think about a life after blogging. Which seems so weird to me, but I know eventually it will happen.

  2. No! Liz, you must always blog!!!

  3. Don't stop blogging! You inspire me! :-)