Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Use it Up Wednesday

Now that I've given up peddling vintage things on Etsy, I find myself with a surplus of, well, vintage things.  That said, several lucky folks will be getting vintage greeting cards this year.  Makes more sense than leaving them sit in a bin, unused and unloved.  Besides, they are stylish and classic.  In the coming year I am planning a massive purge of the house, so I plan to either bring my vintage goodies into use, or find good homes for them.  I have a bad habit of collecting---or curating, if you rather---pretty things then never using them.  I am like a little old lady with a drawer full of bubble bath and salts she's "saving."  

In the kitchen, we will use more of the freezer beef to make hamburgers for dinner, plus use up a head of lettuce for salad before it goes south.  We are trying so hard not to let this crazy, busy season chase us to the fast food joints.

Do you have things you are saving for "someday?"


  1. Isn't it true that it's better to use than save? Bringing things out where they can be enjoyed recycles the JOY and what can be better than that?

  2. I am a tosser, but I live with a keeper. Right now I'm sitting in our shared office surrounded by much of his childhood stuff. There is a bit of a shift happening, though, as our kids get older and my husband starts to share his things with them. That makes me feel like the keeping was all worth it.

    I, for one, would love to receive a vintage Christmas card. I bet the recipients will think they're very lucky!