Friday, January 6, 2012

Fabulous Frugal Friday

I'm baaaack!  The house has been reclaimed from Christmas and life is back to normal. (And no the whole house doesn't look like this; it's photo-magic, lol.)

Frugal Fantastic: first, we didn't do any shopping or purchasing this week.  Additionally, I didn't run out and use my Christmas gift cards either.  Also, I learned how to set my credit card up to get extra cash back on gas, groceries and other mundane purchase. We pretty much use the card for all the expenses, then pay the balance at the end of the month, though I personally believe we'd spend less if we used cash. Husband disagrees, and well, compromise is part of marriage, is it not? Finally, our meal plan went fantastico and we didn't stray from it.  We even cooked up a Thai noodle dish last night that rivaled going for takeout.  All good!

Frugal Fail: not much to report.  Yes, major food waste in that we had to toss *a lot* of holiday baked goods because honestly they came at us from all directions.  Next year I'm hoping for fruit baskets and nuts.  Also, I did take my younger son out to lunch one day this week  (to Bob Evans with a coupon. ) He was pretty down about the tree and decorations going away and Christmas being over, so I surprised him after Kindergarten pickup.  I'd call it more of a splurge than a fail, really.

Happy weekend!

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