Friday, January 27, 2012

Fabulous Frugal Friday

(Random pic of the day....crazy weather lately. These geese don't realize they are not supposed to be in Ohio in January!)

Frugal Fabulous: free apps for my iPhone!  Some are just for fun, but the most useful thing I've found is from  It has really helped me lose weight---so far I am down 6.5 pounds since January 1st!  There are lots of apps out there that can really be useful.  I feel so much better about the expense of the new phones now that I am learning more uses for them.

Frugal FAIL: this one is only a potential fail.  Husband has been asked to relocate to a very expensive city.  Not only would we be a six hour drive away from all our friends and family, but also the cost of living is 20-30% higher.  We have yet to see the offer.  We have no idea if he will have a job once all this goes down.  We also expect that if he finds a new job he will potentially lose 20% or more of his current pay.  We never had plans of moving, so this is quite unexpected.

That said, there is a certain victory for us: no matter what happens, through our thrifty ways, we've invested for the future, paid a lot toward our home, and generally built ourselves a nice little safety net.  During times like these, it is easy to succumb to panic, upset and worry.  I've been doing my best to count my blessings---he's had a wonderful position with a good company all these years, which has allowed us to do awesome things like take nice vacations and fix up our house.  All of it is a blessing.  Whatever happens, I am confident in our ability to live on much less.  Reminds me of a story:

A friend of Diogenes visited him and found him eating a dinner of lentils.
The friend was a courtier in the court of the king.
He said to Diogenes, "If you would learn to flatter you
would not have to eat lentils." Diogenes replied, "And if you
would learn to eat lentils you would not have to flatter."
-- Unknown

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