Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Use It Up Wednesday---Hobbies

Isn't it so tempting when beginning a project to run out and buy all new stuff?  Yeah, me too.  This week I resisted the temptation.  I went to my friend Erin's for a little scrapbooking, and instead of swinging by my favorite craft store I just loaded my bag with all the goodies I've already amassed over the years, figuring I could make great pages with what I have. 

And what I have is a lot. Papers, markers, stickers, embellishments, vintage bits and bobs, paints.  You name it, I've got it.  And yet I don't always see it or appreciate it.  Something I want to work on this year is the idea of "cultivating contentment."  Like many, I spend too much time envying; trying to keep up with the Joneses.  I see what someone else has and somewhere in my mind I think, yes, I must have it too!  Life will be perfect if I just had one of those!  Those urges get so strong that they can completely blind me to the plenty I have all around me.

I'm also motivated by a fellow blogger, Pam, to create wider margins for myself.  That is to say, open up some time for fun, for personal projects, and for just knocking around the house.  So I'm thinking I'll be spending a bit more time using up my craft supplies this week.  It kind of brings up another point: how often do we go buy stuff, like craft supplies, with the dream of creating me-time or self-expression, only to pile those things in a heap in the spare room?  If you're me, then it can be a lot.  And further, there can be that awful moment where that craft project turns into the ugliest of the ugly: another thing on the to-do list.

Do you have something lying around the house that you've been itching to work on?  Why not give yourself the gift of an hour or two to rediscover it? 

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