Friday, February 17, 2012

Fabulous Frugal Friday

 My Monday began badly, but I was prepared.

 The fridge was warm and the freezer was waaaaay too cold. This is the food I threw away, which is a sad little fail. 

This was my kitchen that day.

Thanks to a little help from the internet I did the following:
1. Moved all ice, juice cans and ice pacs to the fridge to keep the remaining food cold.
2. Moved all the rest of the frozen food to the deep freeze.
3. Pulled out the fridge and vacuumed the vent, which was caked with dust
4. Turned off the fridge and used a hairdryer to defrost the coils.
5. Cleaned the freezer, just because it was empty (and because I knew if it 
didn't work I'd have to call a repairman!)
6. Plugged it back in and prayed.

Coils before

 Coils after
Success!  It only took about an hour before cool air was blowing in the fridge again.  The caked ice makes it impossible for the fan to move the air from the cooling element up to the fridge.  So all is well, and I did it without spending $100 on a repairman, so that is a FABULOUS FRUGAL VICTORY!

My other mixed frugal thing was a trip shopping with my friend Erin.  Erin is a bad influence :-)  She puts things in the cart and says "here, buy this."  However we went to Tuesday Morning, which I've never visited before.  Really cool little store!  I was able to get my son a McGregor baseball mitt for $9.99, and a bat for $19.99, which is a heck of a lot better than the prices at the sporting goods stores.  Score!  Plus I picked up several scrapbooking embellishments for cheap, and I got Nate a 1000 piece puzzle for $3.00.  The puzzle is a great investment because today he is sick and so we will be missing the scout weekend that his brother gets to go to.  Having something to do is priceless!

Our big kind of Fail of the Week is really a lot of eating out.  A lot.  The meal plan sort of fell apart when I spent my Monday trying to fix the fridge instead of meal planning, then we sort of took every excuse imaginable to eat out or pick up food.  Not good for my pocketbook or my waistline.  Everyone has one of those weeks though, so I'm not taking it too hard.  Sometimes I think when my energy starts to waver it's good to just let go for a few days.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Wow great job on the fridge/freezer Shannon! You saved money and now your fridge is sparkling! Have a great weekend!