Friday, February 24, 2012

Fabulous Frugal Friday

Photo of the day: a young Coopers Hawk in my front yard.  Spectacular!

In no order, several fabulously frugal things this week:
  • Kept groceries well under the $100 per week budget
  • Again resisted temptation to buy scrapbooking stuff
  • Found good used cleats for the boys' sports for $10 a pair
  • Found a good used baseball glove for me to practice with for $10
  • Booked a frugal weekend camping trip with friends...just $29 a night
Frugal Fails include:
  • Again, eating out too much.  Our family crisis has us turning to comfort food, which has to stop.  The good thing is I think we've come to a decision about husband's employment.  In the meantime we have firmly decided that after tomorrow (we are meeting family from out of town at a restaurant) our eating out is over for a while.
  • I lost my saved seeds.  A large bag of seeds I'd saved has completely gone missing.  I think I may have actually thrown it all out because I was thinking a lot of them were more than a couple years old.  I won't actually call this a true fail though because I do not have enough garden space to take chances with older seeds. However it does speak to the need of greater organization.
Goals in the upcoming week include:
  • Eating at home
  • Avoiding any further purchases until after March 1st
  • Making interesting meals at home
  • Planting the spring garden (seeds arrived today!)
  • Doing a little scrapbooking using what I have
  • Doing some photography with my real camera
  • Doing some art with the kids
Something I thought about this week

We have to put our values first.  "Thrift" or "frugality" are simply means to an end.  No one's going to give me a cookie or a gold star for being a frugal person.  We save money not to be miserly but to have resources for when we need them.  The things I value are providing a comfortable home for my family, getting my kids a good education and being able to spend time together, engaged in more "authentic" activities like being outdoors or enjoying slow food or doing creative things.  I see value in paying off our mortgage early because no matter what happens to the economy, if I own my property outright, it will always benefit my family.  I see value in encouraging the boys to making something instead of tuning out with a video game.  I see value in practicing daily gratitude for all that I have rather than buying something new to add to the pile.  I see value in learning to fix things and use them well over replacing. I see value in encouraging the boys' interest in sports, scouting and music, over teaching them to be consumers. Sometimes I need to step back and clarify for myself how it all works together.  If I'm just scrimping for the sake of scrimping, I feel deprived.  If I'm being careful with money for a goal or purpose, I feel empowered.

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading!


  1. What an amazing photo! We have lots of hawks around here but I rarely see them perched in neighborhood trees.

  2. Thanks for stopping by! Yes we've been seeing them a lot lately. I've read that they are attracted by the bird feeders. They don't eat the feed, of course, they eat the birds that eat the feed :-)