Monday, February 6, 2012

Meal Plan Monday

First off, I have read Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day, and I am hooked!  Run to the library and pick up a copy immediately! (One word of warning, a friend told me that she gained 15 pounds the year she discovered this book and it is not a coincidence.  Use caution.)

Last week's meal plan went perfect, except for my thawed beef being stinky and spoiled.  So I did have to use my smoked sausage meal a night early, and come up with a totally different Friday meal, but I survived with a cool head.  Sunday, which I left unplanned, was great.  We basically had a slow-food day, taking turns cooking things that were awful for us.  Lunch was bbq beef ribs, slow cooked, with artisan bread.  Snacks were home made guacamole and salsa on corn tortillas we crisped up ourselves on the griddle.  Dinner was 4-alarm chili, courtesy of my husband, and beer.  A fine, slow, hang around the house kind of day.  Also, once again I can happily report that we are still well under our weekly food budget.  Hurray!

This week:

B: Blueberry/banana smoothie for the grownups, waffles for the kids
L: Nate and I stepped out, Ken had leftover Superbowl Chili
D: Chicken and pasta for the grownups/bread, meat, fruit, cheese for the kids*

B: Cereal and Milk, fruit
L: Tuna on Spinach
D: Turkey Burgers, carrot sticks, fruit

B: Oatmeal, fruit
L: Tuna on Spinach
D: Beef roast (Let's hope) potatoes, carrots

B: Egg and Toast, juice
L: Green Salad
D: Veg soup w/ leftover beef and bread

B: Cereal and Milk, fruit
L: Leftovers
D: Salmon, spinach, brown rice

B: Cereal, waffles, toast---whatever is left in the fridge!
L: PB&J for the kids
D: Parents out for date night! Kids to their aunt's house.


*A word about the special meal thing.  I've worked really hard to reform my picky eaters, so usually I do not do special meals. You get what you get, and you don't throw a fit, as one of the kids' preschool teachers used to say. However, I have this pasta meal for two that I got for almost nothing with a  coupon, and since the husband seems to run late on Mondays I thought why not have a civilized meal when he gets home.

What's cooking at your house this week?

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  1. Not much is cooking over here!!! I might have to follow your meal plan!