Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Use it Up Wednesday

Today's theme was comfort food.  As I am getting over the ick, I was in need of something creamy, soothing, and dairy free.  I opened a bag of dry peas that's been hanging around for a while, and improvised on this recipe for split pea soup here, but added some coriander for more flavor.  Also I had no stock or broth, so I just used water to slow cook the peas in.  And I had a half pound of bacon, so I fried that up to sprinkle on.  And I did another loaf of artisan bread.  All I need is for my husband to get home and feast with me.  It is a dinner for two, since the husband is a bit late, so the kiddos have been fed. (They were not so much into the soup!  They will learn!)

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