Thursday, March 22, 2012

Aren't you glad it's spring?

My street

I'm so glad that spring is here.  I feel like I'm finding a better balance with things.  Over the past couple weeks I've completed a lot of nagging tasks: got my bike wheel fixed, got the oil changed, cleaned out my inbox and computer desktops, real and virtual.   The laundry is caught up and I'm keeping it up rather than having it sit in a heap on the couch for weeks at a time.  I've nearly finished a great book entitled Enough, Already by the guru of home organization Peter Walsh.  I cleaned the gold fish tank.  I dug up two garden beds in the back yard.  I purged the house of five bulk items and two bags of "stuff" for charity.  I did the taxes.  I've added a new iPhone app called "Seize the Day" which is just a to do list, but so much better and more organized than my stacks of steno books and backs of envelopes.  I've taken lots of walks with the family and enjoyed the weather, watched the entire two seasons of "Downton Abbey," and settled to bed well before midnight most nights.  And the bestest news of all: we aren't moving, and husband gets to keep his job.  No demotion, no loss in pay, or benefits.  In all, I'm feeling better.

I've had some nice time to think about things.  Firstly, I'm liking not being on Facebook and Pintest so much.  Yes I love the ideas on Pinterest, but I never actually get around to doing them (though on this hiatus I've done two!  Yay me!)  I'm loving checking email only twice a day, and not feeling like I "have" to check facebook all the time.  I am also liking unitasking.  Like Peter Walsh, I don't think multitasking is a great thing.  It's a necessity at times, but nothing compares to being able to focus a few hours on one project in front of you.  I usually have five books going at once, but I'm really loving reading one at a time. (For a great read on this, check out the minimalists today.) Last week I spent several mild afternoons doing what I jokingly refer to as "lady gardening."  Rather than busting my back, getting filthy and generally trying to do too much, I limited my time to an hour or two a day, breaking my to do list into smaller, more manageable jobs.  This was especially kind to my body, as I am feeling the rapid approach of my 40th birthday more than I thought possible.  I've also suddenly lost interest in 90% of the television shows I was watching, and now am only keeping up with "Madmen" and "Once Upon a Time."  Good entertainment during downtime is a gift.

Another cool thing that happened: I met a writer at a friend's house.  A real writer.  (You can check A.D. Wittman's facebook for the info if you are interested, I know I will be picking up a copy soon!)  I've had the pleasure of chatting on blogs with several published authors but never just run into one at a dinner party.  This ain't exactly New York City here, right?  It all got me to thinking it's time to dig out that manuscript I wrote two years ago and start working it.  I also have ideas for several other stories.  The trick for me is to allow myself the couple of hours every morning to sit and write.

In all, I've rediscovered in just a couple of quiet weeks what I knew all along: I'm a worker.  I like to keep busy.  I function best when I attack one task at a time.  Also, I've once again proven to myself that the best stuff happens when I don't try so damned hard.  And, if I don't pull myself out from inside of my own head for a while I can be my own worst enemy.  So I'll be around periodically, but only when I have something cool to share.

What's new in blogland?  How is everyone?


  1. I'm so glad things worked out as they did with Ken's job. And that you have found your center again. I agree with you that multi-tasking is highly overrated...sometimes, I would go so far as to say it is the work of the devil! I look forward to seeing what you produce with your newfound focus!

  2. I wanted to say something clever but all I can think when I read this is "yay! yay!" and "yes! i don't like multitasking either!"
    Nice to see you back here on your terms.