Sunday, April 1, 2012

...And I know that there are angels all around

 I got to spend a little time with my BFF, Lisa, from long ago.  Her parents were kind enough to let us stay at their house.  Awesome, especially considering they were like second parents to me.  Sadly they were away but I could still feel their love---Lisa's mom even made us a lasagne before she left!

 It was incredible to be together again.

We spent some time getting to know each other's boys.  She has two, like me.

 There was another moment, I can't even describe for many reasons. I will say this: I was in a sacred space with people important to her.  I could feel my parents' spirits like crazy.  I am so grateful to have shared that time with her.

Yes, we will be back for another visit, and won't wait so long this time.

This was my 40th birthday gift.


  1. sounds like a very special time with your friend. what fun to reconnect and get to know each others children!

  2. I love that chance to reconnect, and when it is a good friend, it does not really matter how many years have passed!