Friday, April 20, 2012

Clutter Fest 2012 Continues

Here is the before and after of all my junk in the home office I share with the mister.  Yesterday I got really serious (like I said I would) and got rid of so many things that were weighing me down.  Now I have a large recycle bin (free from the shredding people Saturday!) full to the brim with craft supplies and whatnot to donate, I have a crate of things that are bound for other people (only if they want it!) a box of beautiful Mary Jane's Farm and Somerset magazines bound for my friend's mom in KY, and a bag of clothing to donate.  And I gave away my first item ever to Freecycle!  It was my old dress dummy I used for my vintage clothing photography, emphasizing that really, truly the little shop is closed.  (If I ever sell again it won't be clothing, anyway.) The space is clean and useable again, but I know this was just round one.  I also cleared out our downstairs art room (that used to be the dining room) of my scrapbook things.  The first purge is the easiest; I'll be rolling my sleeves up again in the new week.

Important things I'm learning as I go:
  • Stay motivated with good books and articles.
  • Ask the mister if he thinks something looks good on me. I trust him.
  • Let go of projects that are unlikely to ever be done.
  • Hanging on to anything to repurpose when you are still in dig-out phase is not worthwhile.
  • Hanging on to things to repurpose when you already have items that fit that purpose is also not worthwhile.
  • Keep focused on what you want to be doing with your time and space.  It makes it a lot easier to pitch whatever doesn't fit with that vision.


  1. Oh, Shannon, you sound like us....we have been tossing like maniacs. I love it!

  2. brilliant!
    it's hard for me to let things go sometimes too.
    but you are so right! it's not the time to think of re-purposing when cleaning out. off to the local thrift for a big drop off!