Friday, April 27, 2012

It was just the nicest day

Spent the morning with coffee and journal doing guilt free writing.
Was surprised at the kindergarten pickup when one of the moms came up and said "Your name is Shannon, right?  I'm the person on freecycle who wanted the pallets."  I had to crack up.  A request in my area came for wood pallets for a project.  Yup, it's something she saw on Pinterest.

She and I ended up meeting up for a playdate with the kiddos at the park.  Now the other boy is Nathan's "best friend." That didn't take long.

Took the "fun way" to the park through the woodsy area.  Saw ducklings with their mama in the stream.  Saw even more at the park---three families total.  Got over 3 miles of walking in this day too!

The boys patiently worked with me decluttering and cleaning their rooms. Didn't find the lost baseball sock, but their great attitudes more than made up for that.

Made homemade pizza on thin whole grain crust with the kids---I'm shocked that they loved it!  Best part is I calculated each square to be about a hundred calories, so this is a new staple. And it was the store brand ready-crusts too!

Settling down with a glass of merlot, the boys watching Wallace and Gromit.  Cheers!


  1. How could anyone not like a blog entry with a title like this?

  2. I love days like these and it had pizza!!! yummy yummy! Lovely photos :)