Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Purge baby, purge!

Despite having sore throats and trying to shake the remnants of our family mystery illness, we managed to capitalize on a local school's e-waste drive.  We unloaded a truckload of stuff from our electronic graveyard in the basement, including several printers and scanners, a busted UPS, old phones, a full box of documents to shred, and who knows what else really.  I'd like to say the space in the basement is empty, but the husband wants to scrub all the hard drives before we unload those.  Still, it's a start!

As a bonus gift, we were given a new, clean recycle bin.  That has become our family giveaway bin for donating unwanted items, and so far I've nearly filled it with my own things.  I've made some long-ignored decisions which are helping me get rid of the detritus of old ideas, passions and hobbies:

  • Unused craft supplies.  Seriously.  If I am struck with the overriding desire to decoupage something or make a wreath I know I can always find interesting items at the craft store or thrift.  Allowing all this stuff to accumulate just turns it into more to-do items. 
  • My remaining items from my online vintage resale shop.  It was really fun at the time, really.  But I'm done, final decision.  Reselling is a lot of work, much more than I care to do.  I've kept a few useful items for my own kitchen, but the rest will be donated back to the thrift from whence they came.
  • The last of my vintage clothing, more or less.  All the cute day dresses that are 3 sizes too small.  All the cute day dresses that look terrible on me.  All the cute day dresses that were made of scratchy weird fabrics.  You get the picture.  Again, I pulled a few items, mainly accessories, that I can really see myself wearing, and the rest will go to bless someone else.
  • Magazines that I have already read have been passed either to my pal Erin or to the waiting room at my kids' music school.
  • Books that I have read and CDs that I am bored with will probably go to Amazon.com's buyback program or to the local Half Price Books.
  • Paper supplies, clippings, unused and never will be used scrapbook supplies, rubber stamps and anything above the basic scrapbooking things that I use frequently, all going.
I feel so much lighter now, it's unbelievable.  Reading Clear your Clutter with Feng Shui by Karen Kingston and it is a simple but profound book.  I know that Feng Shui works.  Every time I have created physical space in my home, a new passion came into my life.  It's a powerful process.

How about you?  Doing any spring cleaning?  Have junk that just ties you to the past? 

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