Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thrifty Thurday

Okay, I'm still in purge mode, true, but it was church rummage sale week, which only happens once a year and never fails to yield good things.

So , I found the avocado green suitcase for $2 and the train case for $1!!! I've always wanted a red train case like the one my mom had years ago, and there it was. The green suitcase will be perfect for storing more vintage textiles as my existing suitcase is bulging. Proud of myself for not buying the other two green suitcases! There were also the hankis, which I use, the pillow case, the black cat, and a baggie of star wars guys for the kindergartner. Total outlay: $6.50.

In a bit of serendipity Nathan, who didn't have school today, pointed out that the preschoolers were letting out. So we popped in to say hi to all the preschool teachers and he had a look around. A fine morning all around.


  1. holy moley! you could re-sell those suitcases on etsy for a pretty penny! what an amazing find and deal!
    love your join, today.

  2. Gosh, I think you made out on your thrifting!! Love the red train case, gorgeous red and it looks in great condition!

  3. I will post a followup of the inside of the train is decorated with train drawings, lol

  4. Oh get out of town!!! Those suitcases are too much! What a thrifty find :) And the hankies, I've been stockpiling them to sew some curtains for our bedroom. Your's made me a little jealous ;) Your blog is delightful by the way. You've gained a new follower my dear!

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  6. Aw shucks...*blush* *blush*... ;-)