Wednesday, May 2, 2012


It is 82 degrees. We are working on a bird journal with Nate, and discovered that some little bird is building a nest in our mushroom birdhouse! In the garden things are not great. I weeded one bed and got lazy, so now I'm praying I can get it all done before my mulch and manure arrives. We did put out a heap of stuff for charity today, and the porch is looking a little more inviting now that I have a few plants out. Mostly I'm glad to see things growing and for the nudge to get moving out there.


  1. I think your garden is growing faster than ours. It's amazing how one day you wake up and boom it's spring!

  2. Oooo all that weeding makes me tired to think about! It was so hot here today....pulled out the pool for the kiddos and told my body to start accepting the humidity :) Whew!

  3. It always feels so good to clean out and make room for newness :)