Thursday, June 7, 2012

Artists' workshop #1

Today's art inspiration was the large snail shell Nathan found near the pond at the park yesterday.  I am loving being able to pace our days our own way, and was very VERY happy to finally settle in and do some art with the kiddos.  They aren't always receptive, but generally when they see me sit down to work on something they will follow suit.  Also I bet they appreciate me blocking out a hunk of our afternoon just to spend with them.  We're going to try this every possible day I think.


  1. that shell drawing is AMAZING.
    Truly! I think you need to frame that one!
    Art Rocks.

  2. That is so cool Shannon! I love how you are taking time each day to slow down and just be creative. During the school year life is so fast paced, I think kids enjoy that down time.

  3. Yay for art with kiddos! Love the idea, thinking about doing something similar with my boys this weekend :) Thanks! Looking forward to catching up on your posts now that I'm back! Happy Friday to you!