Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Market days

Kicking off a little summer goal of mine, which is to spend under $100 a week on groceries while mostly staying out of the traditional grocery stores. We joined a CSA which was $33 a week, so that leaves me just $67 to spend on everything else. I will be making good use of things I have on hand while trying to find the best deals I can on healthy foods from alternate sources. This afternoon we got our CSA delivery, and later we will head over to our local farmers market. We also have a country market where we get things like fresh butter, local deli meats, cheeses and cheap bulk grains, and a local butcher and a local fish monger to try out. Hopefully this will be fun as well as money saving, so I will try to update often about how we're doing with this!


  1. Good luck! With the kids home this summer my food bill has sky rocketed...and there is nothing to eat :/

  2. what a challenge! definityely not do-able for my family but i wish you luck!