Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thrifted Thursday: A Tale of Two Cats

Last year, around Halloween, I had a bit of an epiphany. I started to realize that my enjoyment of junking was at odds with my desire to return to a more minimalist lifestyle. However, I was feeling festive and creative. I was decorating shelves and really really really wanted a vintage black cat of some sort.

Now of course this isn't very minimalist, I concede that. But what's even worse is that I went trolling the thrifts for a suitable cat and found none while spending over $30 in the process on stuff I didn't need. I realized that it would have been cheaper for me to just pay the $20 an Etsy vendor was asking, and I did. He is pictured above nestled into his little white cubby.

Fast forward to spring. My Nate and I were paying a visit to the church rummage sale when I spotted not one, but THREE black cat figures, almost exactly like the one we already had. Priced at $2 each. Murphy's Law at work big time. To make it worse Nate begged to buy all of them but I settled for buying one. And yes, I considered buying them all to resell! But I'm done with that so I left the other two for someone else to discover, and now I have two black cat statues in my house.

The point of all this: I guess I could go two directions here. The obvious thing I learned was to be patient. Finding good things at the thrifts takes time and repeated trips and patience. On the other hand, for me repeated trips to the thrifts or any other store eats up my time and money, and ultimately space in my home with all the junk I haul in. For me, I think the desire to pare down and the fact that I have so little time for anything else right now trumps the junking.

This is not to say I'm giving up junk. Heavens no! I like those cats---I also like the decor that I have right now. What I will be more aware of going forward is that if I really want some specific item I should sometimes just get the thing I want. And when I do go on the occasional junking excursion, it will be a treat.  I should go to sources I know have good junk, and never ever settle and buy something that is not quite right for me. Also, having these types of objects in your house may not feel very minimalist, but as long as the decor pieces don't overtake me I reckon I'm doing fine. My intention is to unload most or all of my stored decor items because I recognize that I will always be changing things.  I've massively started this in the kitchen: I've slowly but surely replaced most of our barware with vintage glass, our plates with Fiestaware, and a lot of gadgets have gone bye bye to make room for things like a 60s fondue set in orange. My vintage doilies and fabrics and notions have a home in vintage suitcases instead of plastic tubs.  It's all good.  When I get to the point that I'm tired of fondue and black cats I will either sell or donate them back, happy that I enjoyed those things while I had them.

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  1. This reminds me a bit of the idea that spending more for quality makes more sense than buying cheap if you have to replace the item often. Buying exactly what you want, instead of spending money on other things in the process of finding it makes so much more sense. It is just hard to see that sometimes when you are determined to save money and buy on sale or thrifted. Love the black cats, by the way! So cute!

  2. I love those cats and aren't you lucky to see more while at a rummage sale? It was meant to be :)

  3. beautiful! Thanks for stopping by Whispers today!

  4. you totally called the cats into your life! so very sweet and cute! nice thrifting, mama!