Monday, June 25, 2012


Part one of the weekend was more baseball: the scouts got to spend the night at Huntingon Park in the outfield after the game, which was so fun! They even showed a movie on the scoreboard! We had a wild morning getting Zack and a friend to our ball park for 8am little league games. Happily it was another win for the Braves! Also had a visit from the boys' God-Mama who reads this blog (hi B!!!)

Part two was sleep, and lots of it. Too hot and dry to mow, or do much more than water the garden. Our naps were punctuated by simple meals at home and a trip out to celebrate my aunt's birthday.

Linking with Amanda today.


  1. Ball games are a sure sign summer is staying here! Love the smiles on the happy faces :)

  2. fun to see all the ball games going on in so many blogs. we have dance and piano..."girl stuff." That said, we would LOVE if our girls got an interest in ball too!