Monday, July 30, 2012


Joining Amanda

Attended a very sweet kids birthday party with my younger son.
Threw our new boomerang purchased from scout camp with the elder son.
Lost said boomerang in the woods and brush by the schools.
Husband found the boomerang and we all threw boomerang together!
Sipped cold wine after the kiddos went to bed.
Watched a lot of Olympics.
Ate a lot of fast food.
Signed up for Weight Watchers; we will see.
Weeded the front garden bed.
Accompanied a wonderful friend while she made on offer on a new home, signifying the beginning of a new life for her.


  1. I just need the kids to go back to campus and I think I'll eat way less...good luck with WW. Glad you found the boomerang!!

  2. so glad you found the boomerang - can only imagine how sad your little must have been at the prospect of it being gone!

  3. Oh my boys would have been heartbroken if a boomerang had been lost! Glad you found it. And what a wonderful friend you are to standby a girlfriend in a new stage of her life :)