Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Good intentions

This was the stack of books I intended to read to the boys this summer. Somehow it all got away from us and we didn't read any of them. We've started Mrs. Frisby and might actually finish it by next week. Just another example of how life is changing around here---the boys would rather be playing ball or exploring outside than crafting and reading inside, and that is good too. I think it's time for me to ease up a bit and help them grow and explore their own interests.


  1. When Sam was growing up, books were always a bedtime thing. But a BIG bedtime thing. So we had to start the bedtime routine about an hour before desired lights out, so he could stall his way through the bath and changing and whatever and still have a good half hour for reading. We didn't stop reading aloud at bedtime until he was way into middle school. Those are some precious memories now.

  2. I tried to make my kids read what I want them to read, but the truth is that they enjoy reading so much more when it's something that really interests them.

    Those are a stack of really fabulous books.

  3. I know just how that is. I had good intentions of more reading, math fact practice, handwriting practice...and we haven't done much more than bedtime stories. There are other good things, too, just like you said. :-)

  4. It is such a hard balance especially when it is constantly changing! Love that stack of books though, all such great reads!