Friday, August 24, 2012

No really, if you need help just ask...

This is a personal post, but I will not say the names of the people involved or how they are associated with me.  This is a family's drama, playing out uncomfortably close to home.  Basically a father, who who has done an admirable job of providing for his son over the years, finds himself homeless, staying with friends, and without a job.  Rather than turn the kid over to his mother and step dad, he thinks that moving to another state to get a "fresh start" will be beneficial for the kid, even going so far as to enroll the kid in a new school without mother's written permission.  Father has a host of legal troubles including but not limited to a suspended drivers license. Mother and step dad are both employed and own a home. The kid has numerous relatives for extended support. And the kid has social issues which make it difficult to make new friends and adjust to new things.

My question: why on earth does father continue to view himself as an island, pitted against the rest of the world?  When so many people are there, willing to lend a hand.  No one in this situation has any desire to cut father out of the kid's life.

As of this writing the kid has yet to start his first day of school.

My heart is breaking.


  1. So tough. I'll say a prayer for all involved. Unfortunately, it is the kids who suffer.

  2. Ugh! Pride is such a multi-faceted mask people hide behind and it hurts so many. That sweet boy will be in my prayers.