Sunday, August 12, 2012


This one was all about the scouts.
We camped.
We hiked.
We learned from older scouts how to start a fire without matches.
We made s'mores.
We turn our heads up to catch the Perseids striping the sky.
The boys played endless games of kickball while the parents caught their breath.
I even managed a few pages of the book I'm reading.
As usual I was first up, enjoying the cooler air and a quiet sunrise.
I heard sounds of the great horned owl just before dawn, followed soon by the crow of a rooster in the distance.
We took a little time to sightsee before home, showers, and a late lunch out-fish and chips in honor of the Olympics.
We all sprawled exhausted on the couch when we got home.
Fantastic way to close summer vacation.

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  1. What a perfect weekend of soaking up the outdoors!

  2. I think you are a fun mom to be doing all these activities, believe me they will remember when they are older. Love the water photos the best!