Thursday, September 27, 2012

31 Days of Cleaning Small Spaces.

Greetings all!  I am casting aside my lazy blogging and photography from my iPad and iPhone to bring you a fall project:  31 Days of Cleaning Small Spaces!  I'm joining The Nester in her annual 31 days of writing on one topic project.  Originally I wanted to do something really out there and meaningful and ambitious.  I've spent some time offline reflecting on things, and what I realize I need most in life is discipline.  And what I need around the house is a little order.  But, like everyone, I'm busy.  I'm volunteering at school.  I'm a cubscout den leader.  I've got two kids to pay attention to.  But I also have an hour a day to do a small project and write about it.  And I very badly need to clear my spaces so that I can be creative again. 

The kinds of things I will be cleaning, purging and organizing are all small spaces that can be taken care of in an hour or less.  The pantry. The fridge.  Under the sink.  A bookshelf.  A whatnot basket.  A junk drawer.  It's breaking the elephant up into bite size pieces.  My track record of actually keeping up with stuff like this is not so great.  Hopefully I can get a head start this weekend to make a day or two buffer for myself.  At the very least, I will post as often as I can with updates!

A bloggy friend at The Domestic Fringe led me to this whole idea.  Be sure to check her out this month. She's also hosting a Pinterest Party in November, love that:

Wish me luck!


  1. I can't wait to read your 31 Days posts. I should follow behind and do every single project, because I need discipline too, especially with housekeeping. :-)

    Looking forward to your series.

    Also, thanks for the shout-out and spreading the word about the Pinterest Party. I think it will be a fun thing after 31 Days of serious posts. That's gonna be hard for me. ;-)

  2. Oh now this is something I will totally join you on!!!