Monday, September 3, 2012


After apple picking we all went to Gahanna for dinner and wandering around Creekside. It is beautiful and well planned, and sadly empty. Ohioans aren't ready to spend that kind of money on a condo, especially when there are so many options all around town. Dinner was good, and we had cupcakes from a shop we were told was featured on the Food Network. The walk was spectacular and surprising: we happened upon a field buzzing with more hummingbirds than ive ever seen! Before leaving, Nathan took our photo on the square. Hopefully Creekside will catch on; it's really a lovely little corner of town.

Linking with Amanda for weekending.


  1. Love that group shot! lol! Too cute! And a filed full of hummingbirds?!?! A sight I've never seen :)

  2. ha! love the semi-headless family shot :)