Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Day 22: Linen Closet

Day 22: The Linen Closet.  Can I confide something? 
This one is kind of a cheat.

I actually cleaned this up about 3 weeks before the project began.
But it's still hanging in there after a month and a half! 
Basically I donated all but the best towel sets,
moved beach towels to where I keep all the pool stuff,
and placed everything with its own color/type.

Something motherhood has taught me:
When you tell them you have a new system, no one will do it.
However, when you just do it without words,
sometimes they will just follow along with it.

This is what I did yesterday afternoon :-)


  1. There is no cheating when you're playing with your kids!

  2. Shannon
    You've been such a busy worker bee -- well worth a little fun time! I purged my drawers last year during the 31 day challenge and it felt so good to get rid of all the clutter and know what I actually had--I've enjoyed following along with you in your series : )

  3. My linen closet is a constant mess. I think it has to do with the fact that my hubby puts things away and who really cares about the size of towels or if you can mix them with linens ;o)
    It is on my list of projects ;o)

  4. Great Job! Even if it's a 'cheat'! My linen closet it thankfully something I've never had trouble keeping organized, but that's mainly because there's just my husband and I right now and as far as linens / towels go, we don't have a crazy amount! HOWEVER I know that will probably change when we have kids! :)

    I like the idea of color co-ordinating! I don't actually do that and I probably should :) Fab stuff!

    xxxLottie Lee

    1. Had I listened to my husband, we'd have all white towels and that would look awesome! He is right sometimes ;-)