Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Day 23: Sports Equipment Bin

Day 23: The Sports Bin you've been seeing as my logo every day.
I've been waiting for fall sports to be over before tackling this one.

General state of things: trying to stuff too much stuff
into too little space.

The bin, dumped. The basic thing here was to get things
back into their proper homes.
Water toys are over, so is soccer, so most of that stuff was stored.

Sigh.  Another unused item.

More things in the wrong place. The boys can't
seem to get that it's not big enough for the larger things.

Stuff that belongs.  Again, defining the purpose comes into play.
This bin is for stuff used in our back yard.  We don't have room 
for things like baseball (using hard balls) so that equipment 
is in its own bag for when we go to the ballpark.

Done.  More manageable and useful. I started putting
a bin right by the back door two years ago because I was
tired of balls and outdoor toys landing on the couch.

Do you have a landing place for frequently used items?
How do you deal with kids items?


  1. You are very much a mom of boys ;) This bin could easily be in my house! Thanks for all the tidying up inspiration!

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