Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Day 24: Micro Spaces

Day 24: A few Micro Spaces.  This by far was the most frustrating day
so far.  Mainly because I thought it would be easy.
Thank Goodness I had some Toto to listen to while I worked.

Space #1: Charging area. 

I keep all our charging things on a shelf next to an outlet.
This little thing improved my life. The whole issue of where 
to charge phones and cameras and gizmos always
made my blood pressure rise a bit.

But honestly, if the basket is this stuffed, the 
blood pressure starts up again.  Even just looking at it!

Found a few useful things. Now that I work out
I can take these babies to the gym.

My pile to consult with husband.  That will be a challenge.
He doesn't like to throw useful things away.
The question you have to ask yourself:
Is it useful to you?

Sometimes you have to give up and cut your losses.
Behold the graveyard of dead batteries 
and broken electronics.

Seriously?  This is what I ended with. That rocks!

Space #2: the "Landing Pad." You have to have
a place to land. But it's got to have a purpose. We all use this for 
sunglasses and keys mainly.

But wait? How did all that junk get in that tiny space?

The debris of my life.  This was the frustration.
What is all that stuff?  What is it for? Why am I hanging on to it?
And what do those keys even open?

Pitched most of it, and put the rest back.

Space #3: Dresser Top.  Infuriating, because I realize
much if this stuff was moved here from other days of the 
31 project!  I guess you could say kind of triumphant too.
I'm at least acknowledging that I tend to shuffle things
from space to space

Also did a small bin in the bedroom.  Guess what?
This bin was a bunch of stuff I picked up from downstairs 
three months ago.
It's just been sitting there.  In my room.  Waiting to be dealt with. 

It's obnoxious the stuff I hang onto.

Finished with a clear desk, a small bag of trash, 
and a large shoebox full of odds and ends to donate.

So why was this so hard?  Basically because each of those little items was something I was putting off.  The picks needed to be put into the guitar case.  The scout badge needed to be put onto the uniform.  I pulled out the uniform only to find that I didn't leave enough room, so then had to remove another badge, then wash the thing before I can even finish the task.  The bag of stuff that my husband has put off making decisions about. The realization that I'm just moving stuff from space to space.  The devil is in the details, they say.  The devil of this project is that the buck stops in these micro spaces.  It is always so easy to just blow off the bottom of the slush pile, but then you don't ever finish.  Well at least it's done!


  1. Yay! You are really making progress in every nook and cranny. We have a key bowl as well that happens to collect stuff. I keep two chargers in a drawer near the outlet.

  2. I sure don't like the electronics clutter. You did a great job on purging here. I hope none of it is worth big bucks in 25 years! Just kidding!

  3. Oh goodness! I have so many spots like that! Are you for hire? ;) lol Great job momma!

  4. I am truly awed by this day's work. I never, ever succeed at getting rid of that last layer of miscellania. You rock!!!

  5. Oh Shannon- lots of little tasks but so many big improvements! I too have various 'catchall' spaces around the house that drive me mad! You say that your comments inspire you to keep going in this little project- that's ironic since your posts inspire ME to clear up the little bits of clutter around my house also :)

    Keep it up!!! It's all looking so beautiful and organized!!! :)

    xxxLottie Lee

    P.S. Thank you for your kind words in my comments- I agree that the military is being stupid with regards to the uniform thing right now, but what can you do!? DH & I will get through it :)