Saturday, October 27, 2012

Day 27: The Laundry Room

Day 27: The Laundry Room.  It's Saturday and I'd really hoped to sit under a blanket with my favorite book.  But with both boys home for our first Saturday in two months without anything planned, that was not to be.  They were, as we sometimes say, "a handful."  So I did what we always do: sent them to clean their rooms.  And I guess I felt being a good example was the best I could do.

As you can see, this was not a short task.  Took about and hour and a half, but was badly needed.

First thing to conquer: lots and lots of things in the wrong place.  Everything you can think of: shoes and boots, grocery bags, deck stain, camping gear, clothing, batteries to be recycled.  Just a lot of stuff that was placed in this room out of habit and convenience.

My little stockpile of laundry detergent.  This will come in handy, as we are going to do a no-spend month in January.

Purposing the space was again key: this room is for laundry and cleaning supply storage, but we also keep our swimming gear there too. I stored the less-used items in the green bins, and made sure I had essentials in my swim bag for when I go to the Y.  Also on the right you can see a sentimental item: it's a clothespin keeper that my mom made in high school home ec.  I use it for odds and ends.

 Trash and stuff.

How many bags do you really need?  I released a lot of these today!

  I got a lot out of there and it's so much better.  I had to show my cleaner caddy: this was one of the best things I ever bought.  I was always frustrated when the kids were babies and I was exhausted already, and I would get all the cleaning stuff upstairs to find I'd forgotten one more thing.  I got this caddy and now it's super easy to get the cleaning done faster.  I kind of thought about hotel housekeepers...they get things accomplished very fast because they have all their gear handy, and they have a routine.  

More organizing things. Husband put all this stuff up for me many years ago and again, having things stored vertically and off the floor makes you about a hundred times more likely to do the cleaning than trying to fight your way through a pile of mops and supplies.  I got this idea from the janitorial closet at an old job.  Sometimes my process is a little roundabout---things that are obvious to others don't always come easily to me.  Anyway, I figure anything you can do to help yourself is good.

Have a happy Saturday!


  1. Hey Shannon!
    I purchased a caddy too when my children were little --so helpful! I'm looking forward to seeing what you're planning for the no spend January : )
    Laundry room looks super!!!

  2. I don't know why but a clean laundry space is critically important to me. Now that I've sacrificed my laundry room in favor of "a room of my own" my laundry room now is very shared space and it sometimes is less tidy. This post helped me remember how important that is to me.

  3. Oooh yet another total success! I'm proud of you! I don't actually have a 'laundry room' per se- more like a closet in which the washer & dryer are in so thankfully there isn't the *room* to become disorganized there, but I really do like all of your little colored bins on your shelf above your washer & dryer- that's such a cute idea! I think I might have to do something similar.

    Also, I look forward to hearing about your no-spend month in January. I only 'discovered' the concept recently and have been interested as to how people prepare for it :)

    Keep up the lovely work as always!

    xxxLottie Lee