Monday, October 29, 2012

Day 29: Virtual Spaces

Day 29, and here come the excuses.  I'm tired!  After a morning of 
working out, making chili and lasagna for our busy week, baking bread
and banana bread, and pushing through the laundry, I don't have
the energy for a big physically challenging task today.  So I tacked the photo
library, and holy heck, that is something.

I have 31,313 photos.


Now, why this matters is it's hogging tons of space on my computer.
Husband is always wanting to attach more memory to my computer,
and that's money out the door.  It makes better sense to me to delete photos
that I don't need.  Like pictures of the space under my sink, for example. ;-)

My main reason for getting the photo library in order is that now that my
office/studio looks fantastic, I have deemed November scrapbooking every day 
month! I know about digital scrapbooking, but for me doing paper
crafts is very satisfying. The boys like to look at the books I make, and
that will be a great thing for around the holidays.  
We will, as in all things, see how it goes. 

The second part I hope to work on is getting all kinds of stuff
deleted off my desktop.  Like everyone else, I'm constantly saving and 
clipping things, and after a while you can get virtual clutter.  Just like
physical clutter, often it represents unfinished tasks or things
I am postponing decisions on. Don't
get me started on my email, I'm working on that too!

So are you a hoarder of things on your computer?  Or do 
you delete items as soon as you are done with them?


  1. Virtual spaces are amazing places for me to store up! I hate to "miss out" so I order too many newsletters, and don't spend enough time culling through photos.

    This is a great use of your time. I hope you found it restful. You've been working so hard.

  2. I think this is my favorite post. I do tidy up my virtual space. I'm thinking that I need to go through and tag photos, but it seems like a big job!!